Mash-Up! Three | DaYUUM x Guppy Chino Hills


Snaps: J.Pagtalunan
Blurbs: J.Pagtalunan

There’s a lot of things that go into these Mash-Up!’s, months of planning and organizing all leading to being able to execute it all when the time finally comes. Rarely does anything ever go 100% as planned, but with a dedicated team (and supporters), everything can still be a big success without any spectators knowing the difference.


With that said, there’s always a million things running through my mind the day of for these events that I’m bound to forget something. At Mash-Up! 2, I was running around so much I forgot to take my camera out of my car to shoot as I guided traffic. At Summer Shindig, I just completely forgot to bring my camera. And at Mash-Up! 3, a night event, I forgot to bring my flash. Oh well, like I said rarely does anything ever go 100% as planned, but you have to make do with it.


From cars, raffles, go-go dancers, models, music, art work, and even a costume contest; Mash-Up! 3 was fun for everyone. Check out the photosets below for some of the good shots I was able to get.

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  1. Looks Like was a Fun Time~

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