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Scion Evolution is Back!


A quick recap

Snaps: P.Dabao / J.Perlas / DaYUUM / Scion Canada
Blurbs: J.Pagtalunan / P.Dabao / N.Miranda

Actually, we never really left, but the club has clearly taken a dip in visibility in the whole Scion/car scene recently. Gone are the days of being the majority Scion group at car shows, the days of 100+ members together at any given meet.

There are a few of us still around, still hanging out at our usual meet and greets. We still do this because as members of Scion Evolution we have developed a family like bond that has gone beyond our common interest in our cars. And now as a family, with old school experiences and infusions of new school ideas, we are determined to make Scion Evolution prominent once again!

Before we begin this new chapter, we feel that it is important to never forget our roots. And what better way than with a recap of Scion Evolution, coming full circle from the beginning with the founders to now? It will be a good piece of information for new members as well as a refresher for current members.
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Air Lift Suspension Install Scion xB – Part 4 of 4


In part three we installed the rear air springs for the xB, now with both the front and rear suspension installed and complete it was time to explain how the suspension is controlled through Air Lift’s AutoPilot Digital Controller. This is the fourth and final installment.


While this was not a simple bolt-on suspension kit, it also doesn’t take an ASE mechanic to figure it out either. It does take some basic knowledge of auto mechanics and having experienced resources help. Dave helped tremendously when it came to my questions, with that additional knowledge by my side, it truly aided in the installation.\


The ride comfort eclipsed what was previously installed. It could be attributed to the fact that the spring and strut combo is close to 7 years old, although having a 9-way adjustable dampening sure helped. The Air Lift struts dampen far past expectations. Dips that typically cause a tension and jolt were rather smooth. Less fluid like, but umm moreā€¦Tempur Pedic. In short, it was comfortable. There was no more worry of bottoming out, or launching over rain gutters.


Even with the lack of markings on the control unit, programming was fairly simple.
Here is the controller anatomy.

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Air Lift Suspension Install Scion xB – Part 3 of 4


In part two we installed the front Air Lift LifeSTYLE struts and part three we will install the rear. Read carefully because there is lack of visual images to guide you.


The rears took a little bit more time. It wasn’t exactly a bolt-on kit so pay attention.

Rather than bolt onto the factory perches, Air Lift took another approach. The only reason why I see Air Lift using this method is to keep the air spring linear when it is raised and lower. Resulting in a more even distribution and even wear on the air springs.

Using custom brackets supplied by Air Lift a few modifications had to be taken in before installing the rear air springs.

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Air Lift Suspension Install Scion xB – Part 2 of 4


In part one we laid out the framework for the Air Lift Suspension by mounting all the components and ran all the air lines. Part two is installing the front Air Lift LifeSTYLE struts.

Let’s begin with the xB on the ground, loosen the front lug nuts. Then lift the vehicle off the ground and support with jack stands. Removed the front wheels. Open the hood, and remove the three top bolts securing the strut.

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Air Lift Suspension Install Scion xB – Part 1 of 4


Blurbs: D. Huang

Every consumer has their own objective when they purchase an accessory for their vehicle. Some people favor the quality of the product or the outcome of the product, whatever the reasons are, a quality installation is also crucial for how a product reacts – which is often overlooked. In this Do-It-Yourself, I am going to share a step by step-point of view process of installing an air suspension in hopes that this can be used as a reference guide to help others trying to tackle this project.
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