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CHOC Walk 2013 – Scion Evolution x DaYUUM – The 411



Scion Evolution & DaYUUM are again participating in the CHOC Walk on Sunday, October 13.

Hopefully many of you can help in our efforts to raise needed funds to support the care, services, education and research that CHOC Children’s provides children in our community.
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Scion Evolution x DaYUUM CHOC Walk 2012


Snaps: J.Pagtalunan, K.Kuramoto, A.Kuramoto
Blurbs: J.Pagtalunan

I got up early this morning specifically to get started and cram this write up in before Scion Night tomorrow, and I’ll be honest with you…I’m pretty tried right now. But its a good kind of tired because I’m really motivated to do this, plus it makes me remember the kind of tired I felt on Sunday after the walk. It was the type of tired you feel after a job well done, after knowing you accomplished something good…

Which is exactly what the Scion Evolution and DaYUUM families did last Sunday, October 17, 2012 as we all participated in the 5K CHOC Walk around the Disneyland theme parks!

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