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Scion Night 2012


Motions: M.Montenegro, A.Gomez, M.Ishida
Snaps: J.Pagtalunan, M.Montenegro
Blurbs: J.Pagtalunan

Ghosts, goblins, and ghouls. Oh my!
Standing here, watching all the Scions go by.
Waiting for their chance to enter and see,
Scion cars and scary monsters for free!

This is the 9th straight year that Scion has come through to really show their appreciation to all the Scion Owners. At least 3,000 Scions filled with more than 10,000 Scion Owners and their guests all gathered at Knott’s Scary Farm for a free event and entry to the the 40th Halloween Haunt. All for just owning a Scion and providing a toy donation for Toys for Tots. A good cause and a good event from a good automotive brand.

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Meet & Greet at Golf N Stuff


Motion: P.Dabao
Snaps: J.Pagtalunan, M.Ishida, D.Huang
Blurbs: J.Pagtalunan

Last Friday, Sept. 21, 2012, kicked off our 2nd meet & greet since the new changes, but it was the first one where we stepped away from hosting it at the usually homebase location. And I have to say, having it at a new and different place was very refreshing! And everyone clearly had a lot of fun!

The food trucks were great and there were a lot of them! A lot of credit has to be given to Glenn from Norwalk DinDinAGoGo who just recently started up this event at Golf N Stuff on Friday nights. It was perfect for them and for our club.

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Scion Evolution is Back!


A quick recap

Snaps: P.Dabao / J.Perlas / DaYUUM / Scion Canada
Blurbs: J.Pagtalunan / P.Dabao / N.Miranda

Actually, we never really left, but the club has clearly taken a dip in visibility in the whole Scion/car scene recently. Gone are the days of being the majority Scion group at car shows, the days of 100+ members together at any given meet.

There are a few of us still around, still hanging out at our usual meet and greets. We still do this because as members of Scion Evolution we have developed a family like bond that has gone beyond our common interest in our cars. And now as a family, with old school experiences and infusions of new school ideas, we are determined to make Scion Evolution prominent once again!

Before we begin this new chapter, we feel that it is important to never forget our roots. And what better way than with a recap of Scion Evolution, coming full circle from the beginning with the founders to now? It will be a good piece of information for new members as well as a refresher for current members.
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Scion Nights 2010 – Coverage


Snaps: E. Camanag
Blurbs: D. Huang

Over the last 4 or 5 years the SoCal region of Scion has thrown an event at Knott’s Berry Farm during the months of Knott’s Scary Farm, which Scion dubbed, Scion Nights. This year’s Scion Nights was an attempt to set a Guinness Book of World Record for the largest Scion caravan.
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