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Car Town: Scion / HPI Racing Scion xB Switch – Download!

Car Town

Snaps: D.Moulton
Blurbs: D.Huang

Earlier in the week we wrote a piece on the build of the 1:1 scale Scion xB Switch.
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SE’s Scion Switch GT (Get-Together) – Coverage


Snaps: P. Dabao
Blurbs: D. Huang

Oh, it has been about 2 or so weeks since we had our first Scion Switch GT (get together). It was actually held on January 29th @ Island Motor sports. I was threaten and even extorted that if I didn’t post and share pictures of the event I would lose my dim sum privileges – I concurred. Although I don’t remember much of yesterday, two weeks was definitely stretching my memory bank. You see, there are a lot of things going on, some I can share, some I can not. What I can share is we are planning ‘encore – an automotive charity shindig’, more on that in a few weeks. But what I do recall was this is the first Scion Switch GT event that was hosted by Island Motorsports, in conjunction with HPI Racing, Scion Optomized, and us – Scion Evolution.
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SE’s Scion Switch GT (Get-Together), hosted by HPI Racing, Scion Optomize, and Island Motorsports


It’s been 4 months since the HPI Scion xB RC Car was made available from any Scion dealer. By now I think there’s quite a few Scion owners who have purchased the Scion xB. SE, with the assistance of HPI Racing and Scion Optomize will hold an RC Get-Together at Island Motorsports on January 29th, 2011 from 10am to 2pm. Bring your RC xB car and meet your fellow enthusiasts, share stories and set-ups, drive your car in our racetrack. HPI has a lot of requests for the xB Clear Bodies and it will be available soon. For this Get-Together, there will be a limited supply of Clear Bodies to be raffled out, maybe some Option Parts for your RC xB and of course we will have some Swags from Scion optomize. So come join the fun, it will be a relax day, bring your A-game and drive your car in our racetrack. Best of all, it’s FREE. See you there.

Scion Switch GT @ Island Motorsports
8641 Whitaker Street
Buena Park CA 90621
714 522 7457

10am to 2pm

HPI’s Scion xB Switch


Motion: P. Dabao / A. Hilman
Snaps: P. Dabao / A. Hilman
Blurbs: Staff

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