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ToyotaFEST 2013 Pt. I – ScionFEST


Snaps: J.Pagtalunan
Blurbs: J.Pagtalunan

Toyota Owner’s and Restorer’s Club originated with the idea of preserving the Toyota heritage. Enthusiasts would preserve and restore classic Toyota vehicles, such as models dating before 1985. This is particular difficult for Scion owners, who’s brand was barely founded back in 2002. When Toyotafest started, the Scion brand wasn’t even founded yet.


But never fear, all this means is that Scion owners just have to take a different approach to building their vehicles. True to Scion’s slogan, “customize or die,” Scion owners have been known for expressing their creativity. From subtle and sleek to wild and crazy, there was no shortage in the amount of Scion builds at Toyotafest. For part one, we will take a look at some of the best at Toyotafest, or maybe I should say Scionfest.
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DTLA Photoshoot

Blurbs – Photoshoot

Snaps: J.Alba, J.Rodriguez, M.Montenegro
Blurbs: J.Alba, J.Pagtalunan

As if spending a day shooting event coverage at Auto Gallery wasn’t enough, SE SoCal Member and DaYUUM Contributor, Jae-Money, met up with a few other SE Members the very next day to do an impromptu photoshoot in Downtown LA.

Jae, Manny, Max, Nick, Johnny, and a couple models (and a very chill boyfriend, haha!) found some nice spot at the Art District and then down by the LA riverbed. From graffiti wall art to the LA skyline, these guys came away with some awesome shots. A lot of the credit has to go to Max on this one; he has a really good eye for spots to shoot at.

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Backstage Pass: The Build of Scion and HPI Racing’s 1:1 Switch xB


Snaps: P.Dabao, D.Huang
Blurbs: D.Huang

Back in September, Paul Dabao of Toyota approached me with an idea on creating a full-sized Scion xB Switch . The concept behind the initial plan was to create an ultimate support vehicle for the r/c world. The xB would be complete with a pull-out table, battery chargers, storage, tool chest, and entertainment – while replicating the 1:10 r/c model with body pins and antenna.
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SE’s Scion Switch GT (Get-Together) – Coverage


Snaps: P. Dabao
Blurbs: D. Huang

Oh, it has been about 2 or so weeks since we had our first Scion Switch GT (get together). It was actually held on January 29th @ Island Motor sports. I was threaten and even extorted that if I didn’t post and share pictures of the event I would lose my dim sum privileges – I concurred. Although I don’t remember much of yesterday, two weeks was definitely stretching my memory bank. You see, there are a lot of things going on, some I can share, some I can not. What I can share is we are planning ‘encore – an automotive charity shindig’, more on that in a few weeks. But what I do recall was this is the first Scion Switch GT event that was hosted by Island Motorsports, in conjunction with HPI Racing, Scion Optomized, and us – Scion Evolution.
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Air Lift Suspension Install Scion xB – Part 4 of 4


In part three we installed the rear air springs for the xB, now with both the front and rear suspension installed and complete it was time to explain how the suspension is controlled through Air Lift’s AutoPilot Digital Controller. This is the fourth and final installment.


While this was not a simple bolt-on suspension kit, it also doesn’t take an ASE mechanic to figure it out either. It does take some basic knowledge of auto mechanics and having experienced resources help. Dave helped tremendously when it came to my questions, with that additional knowledge by my side, it truly aided in the installation.\


The ride comfort eclipsed what was previously installed. It could be attributed to the fact that the spring and strut combo is close to 7 years old, although having a 9-way adjustable dampening sure helped. The Air Lift struts dampen far past expectations. Dips that typically cause a tension and jolt were rather smooth. Less fluid like, but umm more…Tempur Pedic. In short, it was comfortable. There was no more worry of bottoming out, or launching over rain gutters.


Even with the lack of markings on the control unit, programming was fairly simple.
Here is the controller anatomy.

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Air Lift Suspension Install Scion xB – Part 3 of 4


In part two we installed the front Air Lift LifeSTYLE struts and part three we will install the rear. Read carefully because there is lack of visual images to guide you.


The rears took a little bit more time. It wasn’t exactly a bolt-on kit so pay attention.

Rather than bolt onto the factory perches, Air Lift took another approach. The only reason why I see Air Lift using this method is to keep the air spring linear when it is raised and lower. Resulting in a more even distribution and even wear on the air springs.

Using custom brackets supplied by Air Lift a few modifications had to be taken in before installing the rear air springs.

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Air Lift Suspension Install Scion xB – Part 2 of 4


In part one we laid out the framework for the Air Lift Suspension by mounting all the components and ran all the air lines. Part two is installing the front Air Lift LifeSTYLE struts.

Let’s begin with the xB on the ground, loosen the front lug nuts. Then lift the vehicle off the ground and support with jack stands. Removed the front wheels. Open the hood, and remove the three top bolts securing the strut.

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Air Lift Suspension Install Scion xB – Part 1 of 4


Blurbs: D. Huang

Every consumer has their own objective when they purchase an accessory for their vehicle. Some people favor the quality of the product or the outcome of the product, whatever the reasons are, a quality installation is also crucial for how a product reacts – which is often overlooked. In this Do-It-Yourself, I am going to share a step by step-point of view process of installing an air suspension in hopes that this can be used as a reference guide to help others trying to tackle this project.
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