With Revue behind us, we already pondered what’s next. Exhausted, delirious, and hungry, it’s not a surprise that ideas for the next event were rambled during an unhealthy slab of pastrami at Tommy Pastrami’s. Without trying to get ahead of ourselves I think a little acknowledgment is priority.

We want to thank all the partners involved in Revue. Being skeptical of what this bi-polar California weather had to offer, we could not have asked for a more perfect day – it was simply gorgeous. With that said -thank you, thank you, and thank you. Thank you AirLift for the generous certificate and t-shirts, have a safe flight back to 8-Mile aka Detroit, aka the mitten state. AutoFashion for always supporting us, they’re like your parents – even if they disagree with what you do, they are there for you in anything you do; Alpine for the portable navi system and Bluetooth kit, ARK Designs for the lugs and rev-shift timer; bB Squad for the sick rides; BOWLS LA and Monterey Park Scooter Works for the nice AE86 and the kick-ass Ruckus’. Fact – Did you know they rode down from Monterey Park? Car Audio and Electronics for the lights and the Sirius Sportster; Club Lexus for always showing us nice rides – collabo? F-Sport for the goodies and putting the IS 350C on display – where can I get those brakes for my xB? GReddy, graciously handed over a certificate for an exhaust, HPI Racing for laying out a test track for all the enthusiasts, and revealing their 2nd Gen xB Switch r/c car for the first time in public; Island Motor Sports for the certificates, Magic Film for all the discounts and free door kits; Morel America for the new Hybrid Ovation II components; Mothers Car Polish for so many detail goodies that even the xD Claw was full! MV Designz showing off some clean work and the good word with Kogi. Tjin Edition are my family. I love them to death, therefore I give them hell. Thanks for your support, and the introductions. Good luck with the tour – Go Collin. OEM Audio on manufacturing a really cool stealth audio system, Optomize Scion for the xB r/c give-a-way and boxes upon boxes of every accessory known to man – like Broadway mirrors and other JDM goodies, did I mention boxes upon boxes? Phaze2 for bring out some nice rides – the NSX is cool; Platinum VIP with an impressive display of hotness; Real Auto Works for the full bumper xB kit and the Kaminari tC body kit, RJ DeVera showing us how a 7-series and Cayman are done, Vorsteiner and TechArt style – dayum, I am not even going to make a F&F joke here. Scosche for a BOAT load of iPod accessories, along with earphones, stickers, t’s, speakers, amp kits, and just a whole lot of goodies, who would ever thought they could cram so much stuff in 2-cars with full blown audio systems in them? One of which was a Nissan Cube, oh and they brought (2) 10×10’s and display banners! Tein for the claw goodies, TRD for the ez up –haha, oh and stuffffs, and VeilSide for that carbon seat – that would have looked so good in my xB. Marshall and Paul from SE Hawaii and the Mac Nutzz – ForjWorks! DJ Ynot aka Tony for “spinning” on the 1’s and 2,s, or just the 1’s, or the Mac. The Kogi BBQ truck for making Revue a stop-tweet tweet, and The Shrimp Guys – if you didn’t try it, you just missed out, like serious, you missed the heck out! I’m hungry.

Thanks to our media partners Car Audio and Electronics, JPhotography, The Octane Report,,, Auto Import Craze, D-Sport, and Stance Nation.

To all the clubs that came out to support, thank you!

I know this is a rather long list and we are extremely grateful to have ALL these partners involved for this charity meet and greet which was to raise money for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. Ali was so kind to speak the importance of this research and what it means. Thank you!

We also thank our team Scion Evolution for being just that, a team. From set-up to tear down, you guys rock, I am going to attempt the thanks, don’t shoot me if I forget anyone, Armando, Virgil, Nick, Johnny – carbon what? Oh that’s Nilo’s car :chuckles:, Jay Money, the return of the 100 lb. lighter Jules, aka Crown Jewels, aka Julian, Kdawg – ruff ruff, Matty Ratty POOP, Tanya, Eliza, Cedda-cheese, Ross, Dietter, Kain, Tevin, Josh “I can kick your son’s ass on the Razor”, Jason, and damn I know I missed some people – cocked-loaded *pow*.

And of course Mr. Troy Sumitomo and the Five Axis posse, without your support, your passion, your friendship, your partnership, your attention to detail, and your creations, the Revue would have never happened. Thank you as well for the certificate for the wheels. It’s always been a great pleasure to partner with you and your team. It’s like 2004 all over again. THX THX THX, Serious!

On Behalf of myself and Dave “the heart”, Paul – Aeeeehhhh, Carl, Nilo “the Don”, “the Man”,“the Go-Go booter”,”the MC”,”the Co-Founder!” Miran-duuh, Jayson “do you want a spreadsheet” Perlas, & Mike New-ehhn, Thank you, can we get an “Encore” in 2011?


DISCLAIMER: The words said are not the views and/or expressions of anyone except a tired writer that can’t sleep. They do not reflect the opinions and feelings of others represented after “myself.” It’s based on assumptions of what could have been said or telepathically expressed.


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