Car Town – Scion xB Graphics

Car Town

For those that are not living under a rock knows that facebook has reached over a half a billion users. Many of them play games such as farmville, yoville, mafia wars, and the list goes on and on. Recently some of us have discovered a new game called Car Town

Car Town is quite addicting especially for auto stylists. The game is catered around performing services in exchange for experience points and Car Town cash. The experience points levels you up to unlock other items, and the cash lets you purchase cars and modifications such has rims, tires, performance, paint, etc… In the paint department there are some really cool features, the most impressive one is the ability to upload your own creation.

With that simple option, Scion Evolution has created a design for all the Scion fans to enjoy. It features a carbon fiber hood, roof, and hatch with SE logo on the sides and a QR Code on the hood. In addition, a few logos are on the vehicle, such as Air Lift, AutoFashion, HPI Racing, Scosche, and Tjin Edition RoadShow… And yes, it is available in all original colors including a special “d!”-Teal and the Jun Edition colors. We currently only have the Scion xB package but will have more graphic packages to download including the Scion tC available for you soon.

Kudos to Cie Studios for putting together this awesome game!

Below are the graphics package to upload to your Car Town profile.

Click to enlarge, then save to the hard drive. Enjoy!

“d!” Teal (Special Edition)

Jun Edition (Black Sand Pearl)

Jun Edition (Black Sand Pearl)

Super White

Hypnotic Teal Mica

Sizzling Crimson Mica

Stingray Metallic

Classic Silver Metallic


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