Air Lift Suspension Install Scion xB – Part 2 of 4



In part one we laid out the framework for the Air Lift Suspension by mounting all the components and ran all the air lines. Part two is installing the front Air Lift LifeSTYLE struts.

Let’s begin with the xB on the ground, loosen the front lug nuts. Then lift the vehicle off the ground and support with jack stands. Removed the front wheels. Open the hood, and remove the three top bolts securing the strut.

Then, with a 19mm socket with ratchet, remove the two lower strut NUTS (move aside for reinstallation). Disconnect the brake line using a 12mm socket with ratchet, Disconnect the ABS line by releasing the plastic clip holding the wire using a small screwdriver. Hold the strut in place and remove the remaining 19mm BOLTS that hold the strut to the steering knuckle (move aside for reinstallation). Remove the strut my maneuvering it out of place. With the strut out, inspect any bolts that pierce 1/4″ inside the strut tower. Grind or remove any obstructions.

Air LIft’s LifeSTYLE struts for the xB has a 9-way adjustable damping system. It is constructed with a sleeve banded to an upper collar and a pillow mount. The air fitting is mounted on a rotatable collar that can be moved according to where the fitting will sit. With the new Air Lift strut in hand, set the dampening to 9 and attach the air fitting into the top collar.
TIP: Make sure the hex is flat with the top collar. Install in reverse order, using the supplied nut, bolts, and washers supplied with the kit.

Place the strut into the strut tower and secure using the supplied washer and nuts. Only hand tight for now. Install the 2 bolts on the lower strut and hand tighten the nuts onto them. Using a level, level the rotor so you have the proper camber angle (0 degrees). Then tighten the lower bolts and upper strut tower bolts (always double-check the camber angle). With the steering wheel unlocked , turn it side to side and observe for any other obstructions. Rotate the collar and bag simultaneously to clear the fitting from any obstructions. Attach the air line by lubricating the end with (spit) then firmly press in the air line into the push fitting until you feel a noticeable tension, then a thump. Check again for any obstructions and tension on the air line

TIP: For camber adjustments, make sure you are level from drivers to passenger side. A simple way is to find a level horizontal structure such as the radiator brace. It is also RECOMMENDED that you take the car to the alignment shop after the initial break-in period. Reattach wheels and lower vehicle to the ground.

Remove any necessary obstructions, re-route airline if necessary, then secure the air line with cable clamps and zip ties. In this case we had to grind a little off the nut that was close to the 90 degree air fitting.

Complete the opposite side.

With both wheels still off the ground, unlock the steering wheel by inserting the key into the ignition and turning it to the accessory position. Rotate the steering wheel clockwise and then counter clockwise and observe for any interference.

Air up the LifeSTYLE struts to 90 psi, and check for leaks.

TIP: Use a solution of 1-part soap to 4-parts water in a squirt bottle. Inspect fittings and lines. If there are any leaks, bubbles will form. If there are leaks in the fitting, tighten and check again. It may be necessary to remove the fitting and reapplying Teflon tape then reinstall. If there is a leak where the air line meets the fitting, inspect the end and make sure the cut is SQUARED, then lubricate and reinstall.

In part three, we will work on the rear which can be a little tricky so its time to pay attention.

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