Air Lift Suspension Install Scion xB – Part 3 of 4



In part two we installed the front Air Lift LifeSTYLE struts and part three we will install the rear. Read carefully because there is lack of visual images to guide you.


The rears took a little bit more time. It wasn’t exactly a bolt-on kit so pay attention.

Rather than bolt onto the factory perches, Air Lift took another approach. The only reason why I see Air Lift using this method is to keep the air spring linear when it is raised and lower. Resulting in a more even distribution and even wear on the air springs.

Using custom brackets supplied by Air Lift a few modifications had to be taken in before installing the rear air springs.

The rears feature a custom bracket, convoluted springs and a perch for the underside.
Prepare the rear air springs: Install the top assembly using supplied bolts and washers. Place the roll plate between the spring and bracket. Tighten the supplied bolt and washer. Install the fitting and tighten down.
For starters, raise the xB and support it with jack stands.

Inside the vehicle, remove the cap that hides the dual 14mm bolts and undo.

Using a 14mm undo the bottom shock bolt and put aside.  Remove the shocks. Using your muscles push down on the rear axle and remove the springs.

Prepare both perches by grinding the top of the perch flush against the frame, and notching a small “U” on the opposite side of the frame. Just enough to clear the fitting

Borrowing tools help with the wallet, and time. An electric grinder was used to flush the top of the perch and an electrical dermal with a grinding stone to grind the “U” notch.

Starting with the driver’s side.

Using the supplied hardware place the Air Lift mounting plate on the bottom of the factory perch, and thread with the supplied bolt and washers through the bottom hole, up the perch, and into the underside of the bag. Snug it.

TIP: Make sure to have less than a 1/3 tank when you try this, by removing the filler tube, there is a possibility that fuel will drain out. Plug by using a towel on both ends to keep debris out.

Using a jack, raise the drivers side axel until the top bracket reaches the bottom of the factory perch and frame. Using an existing factory hole as a guide, line the edge of the bracket to the edge of the hole. Punch and drill a 1/4″ hole. Install by ratcheting the self-tapping bolt into the 1/4″ hole.

Remove the filler gas pipe to allow access to the three additional holes. Using the bracket as a template, mark and drill the 1/4″ hole then install the supplied self-tapping bolts into them.

lower jack.

Install the factory shocks.


Repeat the same steps on the Rear Passenger with the exception of removing the factory exhaust by undoing the factory flange bolt. Use a 12mm and remove the factory heat shield as well.

TIP: To remove the muffler from the rubber hangers, spray WD-40 or similar lubricant. The instructions calls for cutting the factory bump stops in half. To perform this task use a razor knife and cut in half.

Lower the rear of the vehicle and fill the bags with air to 90PSI, check for leaks using the combination of soap and water.

The air suspension is now complete.

It is noted in the instruction manual that if short shocks where installed in the rear, than it will yield another 1″ drop.

Recheck all connections and torque settings every so often (first time about 500 miles).

in the final part of our install we will guide you through the operation of the AutoPilot Digital Control unit and a brief overview of the suspension.

For more information, visit.

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