Air Lift Suspension Install Scion xB – Part 4 of 4



In part three we installed the rear air springs for the xB, now with both the front and rear suspension installed and complete it was time to explain how the suspension is controlled through Air Lift’s AutoPilot Digital Controller. This is the fourth and final installment.


While this was not a simple bolt-on suspension kit, it also doesn’t take an ASE mechanic to figure it out either. It does take some basic knowledge of auto mechanics and having experienced resources help. Dave helped tremendously when it came to my questions, with that additional knowledge by my side, it truly aided in the installation.\


The ride comfort eclipsed what was previously installed. It could be attributed to the fact that the spring and strut combo is close to 7 years old, although having a 9-way adjustable dampening sure helped. The Air Lift struts dampen far past expectations. Dips that typically cause a tension and jolt were rather smooth. Less fluid like, but umm more…Tempur Pedic. In short, it was comfortable. There was no more worry of bottoming out, or launching over rain gutters.


Even with the lack of markings on the control unit, programming was fairly simple.
Here is the controller anatomy.

The menu system is controlled mostly by the “B” button which is multi-function.

First step is to find a FLAT surface (not a driveway) and put the car in neutral with the ebrake off.

Push the “A” button to completely lay out the vehicle.

To start the tune process, press the “B” button until “EDIT OPTIONS” displays. Then release immediately. (about 2 seconds)

Then using the “J” button, scroll through the controller until “TUNE >>OFF<<” displays.

The default on the “>>OFF<<” position. Using the “F” button select “>>ON<<”. Then the “B” button to confirm.

During the tuning process it will lower and raise each corner to learn the pressure. This is done better with no occupants in the vehicle. The AutoPilot can be a little finky with flow control mufflers. If it freezes up during the tuning process, open the flow ¼ turn at a time and start over.

The process should only take 2 to 3 minutes.

Once it learns the system set the “ride height“.

Using buttons “D,E,F,G,H,I,J,K” adjust the height of the vehicle.

Then press the “B” button until “SET RIDE HT” appears on the screen (3 seconds), then release immediately

If you get a “Range!” that means your ride height pressure is below optimal standard. Increase all the air springs to over 30 PSI. And do over.

You are now set.

Using buttons “D,E,F,G,H,I,J,K” allow you to adjust Front, Back, Side, Side. However you want to roll.

In addition, pressing “A” will lower all 4-wheels,

and pressing “C” will raise all 4-wheels.

I hope this step-by-step aided the installation of an Air Lift Suspension kit on a Scion xB. This was used for the intention of only a reference guide as each vehicle will differ.

For more information, visit or if there are any questions feel free to email


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