SE’s Scion Switch GT (Get-Together) – Coverage



Snaps: P. Dabao
Blurbs: D. Huang

Oh, it has been about 2 or so weeks since we had our first Scion Switch GT (get together). It was actually held on January 29th @ Island Motor sports. I was threaten and even extorted that if I didn’t post and share pictures of the event I would lose my dim sum privileges – I concurred. Although I don’t remember much of yesterday, two weeks was definitely stretching my memory bank. You see, there are a lot of things going on, some I can share, some I can not. What I can share is we are planning ‘encore – an automotive charity shindig’, more on that in a few weeks. But what I do recall was this is the first Scion Switch GT event that was hosted by Island Motorsports, in conjunction with HPI Racing, Scion Optomized, and us – Scion Evolution.

Spearhead by our own Paul Dabao (I ❤ my xb), a.k.a. Aeeeehhhh, for his exquisite, sometimes incomprehensible foreign accent. Paul envisioned gathering several people together for a place to drive their newly purchased Scion Switch xB which went on sale at all Scion dealerships in mid-October. Until this day, there was no such gathering, no real playground where these exclusively produced xBs could bash.

The Switch is HPI’s first ever front-wheel drive chassis, therefore it was perfectly suited for the xB, and proportionally scaled as well. If you remember, the Scion Switch was introduced to the public during our Revue event at Five Axis in May of 2010. The finely detailed 2nd gen xB was designed by Five Axis which included the Five Axis lip kit. In addition, the chassis rolls on a set of Five AD wheels. How is that for authenticity? Out of the box it is ready-to-run, it includes a wall charger, transmitter, battery, and a fully assembled chassis with a painted lexan body. Available in white, silver, and gold, the xB is ready after a charge and eight double A batteries.

For the event, HPI was kind enough to lend us corner dots, barriers, and display vehicles while Scion Optomize generously donated several bags and goodies, in addition they gave away a complete car! EVERY visitor received a FREE raffle ticket and EVERY visitor walked away with goodies (even shoppers of Island Motor sports).

But only one luck person went home with a complete kit! I am sure some of you are kicking yourselves in the gluteus maximus (ass) for not showing up, I know I would.

Carl and Mike brought out their whole set up which included several charging stations and tools to keep the action going.

At one point we had several top amateur and pro drivers displaying their skills around the 30ft x 40ft track – unleashing the potential in these cars.

The GT wasn’t a competition but good fun with people of similar interest. We want to thanks Regi and Liza of Island Motor sports, Scion Optomized, and HPI for allowing for this event to happen, without any of these key elements there would have been no event. Thank you for everyone that joined the fun with us, and you can be sure we will have a Scion Switch GT2.

Enjoy the pictures…


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