Car Town: Scion / HPI Racing Scion xB Switch – Download!

Car Town


Snaps: D.Moulton
Blurbs: D.Huang

Earlier in the week we wrote a piece on the build of the 1:1 scale Scion xB Switch.

We were asked by many how they could get the wrap for their 1:10 scale Switch and as of late, there are no plans on releasing it. But our So Cal liaison Dave Moulton, an avid Car Town player on facebook has red-lined the game at level 150. And, Car Town has no intention of increasing the levels; therefore Mr. Moulton has been focusing his energy and the love for the Scion brand in the game. Since the release of the Gen 1 xB, Mr. Moulton has replicated many of our member’s rides into Car Town icons, it’s a true art. Moulton’s latest creation in Car Town is a version of the Scion xB Switch.

After countless hours and fine detailing, we bring you this EXCLUSIVE download. Offered only by Scion Evolution and produced by Dave Moulton.


A Note from Dave: “…attached is the CT template for the xB2HPI you need to paint the xB Brown or I guess whatever color you want it to be…”

Click to enlarge, then save.

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