Acknowledgement…ENCORE – An Automotive Charity Shindig



Presented by Five Axis and Scion Evolution.

Snaps: E.Camanag
Blurbs: D.Huang

Can we get an…what? ENCORE! ENCORE was a follow-up event to our 2010 event Revue. It’s the second year we teamed up with Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF) to raise awareness and donate proceeds to the foundation. With so many great charities available we chose JDRF because of their continued research for type 1 diabetes, which there is still no cure. In addition, our very own Nilo J.C. Miranda knows first hand of how diabetes affects someone, he has been through many of them from injections to a kidney transplant, and all the side effects in between. ENCORE is also our continuation with Troy and the Five Axis team. We have done many events at the facility prior to Revue and Troy has always supported the team, his insight and knowledge is second to none, not to mention he is pretty dang legendary.

ENCORE flowed fairly well, the beginning was a bit slow but I think the event hours of 3pm to 8pm threw some people off, but we know waking up at the peek of sunlight puts a damper on people’s moods, so for courtesy we made it a little later, which then resorted to Nilo Standard Time (NST), meaning late.

A successful event is not whether there are enough quality cars, the amount of cars, or about status of the teams. A successful event is the people who come out to support. ENCORE in our eyes was successful because the amount of support we got – to support the cause, the team, the friends, the family, and the passion for each human being. Gatherings such as these are far less stressful, less dramatic, and more relaxing – enjoying friends and making new friends. But success doesn’t come from one man or one team alone, it comes with a group of supporters and partners, therefore I would like to thank a few!

It’s a short list..don’t worry :).. To start, I would like to thank AutoFashion, these guys are seriously the largest supporters I know, located down south in San Diego they are always up in LA supporting the scene. In the morning, Elroy drove up just to drop off tents and tables, and then headed back to SD for a wedding he had to DJ. The next day he drove back up for Wekfest. Who the frick does that? Freddie and his team were there all day, and was the last one to leave the venue. It’s always a pleasure to hang with them even if it is every weekend, they are cool cats and just straight down for the homies.
Thanks to CarMate/INNO/RAZO for coming out this year and displaying a pretty massive booth with a boat load of goodies for people to feast their eyes on. There are a couple of people who walked away with shift knobs and INNO racks. Even though I had bought an INNO rack 3-years ago I would have killed to win this. For their first year it was a pleasure to have Flux Bindings out to support the event. They also collaborated with HPI Racing and INNO for a 3-lap bracket race where they gave a set of bindings and an INNO rack.

Speaking of HPI, we were stoked to have them out again, Andy, Collin, and the team had gone to the HRE meet that morning and then headed up to ENCORE, pitched a tent, and set up the track for the race. These guys really go to great lengths to keep spectators and participants busy and happy. You can tell when Andy is too busy because he doesn’t have time to dye his hair blonde, and Collin, well he is just a goofball..haha, both of them are really chill people and I should have donated my money on those Trophy Trucks.. Dang!

Super big THANKS to Korey Tsuno of Optomize Scion for handling his business, Korey is a really cool, hard-working dude, and we are honored that he was willing to work with us again this year. He was also responsible for bringing out the tasty Dolly’s Sweet Dreams Cotton Candy, which apparently was a huge hit because there were a gang of people walking around with a tub or two, it could also be because they were all attractive in their outfits, not to mention 10% of the proceeds went to JDRF, so thanks to everyone that bought from Dolly’s. Korey also donated a few Scion xB Switch R/C Cars.

KUYA Protection was also on deck to keep the peace. I’ve known Abe for a little while but we lost touch for a good 8 years or so, and when we reconnected he was just as cool and crazy as before.  On a side note: Keep this day open, June 25…BIKINI CAR WASH FUNDRAISER FOR SOPHIE UBALDO…Natalia Marie, Christine Mendoza, and 15 other models to be announced will there to wash your car. Yeah, it’s going to be hot! The event is to raise additional funds for his still-born daughter. Such a heartbreaking event. SO make sure you come out and support. Bring your dad’s, mom’s, sister’s, boyfriend’s, wife’s, or husband’s car… Anything, it will be held at Infinite Auto Design in Huntington Beach.

Thanks to Rodney and Clazzio for coming out and showing us what cool covers are on the market along with a couple of their cool rides and a certificate for a cover. Rodney, Taz, Chef and his crew, Fuscion, has always been a great friend of the club and we are glad they could support ENCORE.

When we got word that Daley Visual was going to come out and do a demo on wrapping a car, it was pretty cool. Daley Visual is the company behind wrapping most of SoCal’s cars that deal with Wraptivo. I believe Daley has wrapped Nilo’s xB a total of 3 times, but this day he demo’ed on Bertcules’s STi with a matte white hood, roof, and lid. It came out sick. He also donated a partial wrap to the JDRF drawing. Pretty dope!

Thank you to Dogzilla for coming out and feeding the crowd.. It was a hit. And, thank you Bac for trying to locate some last-minute trucks! Make sure to follow them on facebook and twitter.

Gurnade Design Firm is a team behind many sick renderings, when we had a chance to hook up with Josh at Gurnade he was very willing to help the cause and donate a rendering to a lucky winner. That guy is not going to be disappointed, oh yea, Happy Birthday Josh.

When thinking of JDM performance, GReddy is on the top of that list, for ENCORE GReddy brought out an IS-F with their Dual to Quad Full Titanium Exhaust System and their RedLine Time Attack #11 Scion tC, thank you so much Mike and the GReddy crew for supporting us for the second year in a row, and congrats on the boy! Someone got some awesome synthetic oil and oil gauges.

What can we say about our boy Marshall and Paul? All the way from the 808, HellvaRides and Forjworks promoted the heck out of us and donated some cool camber kits and eyelids. Unfortunately they couldn’t get an early enough flight from the Island so they couldn’t grace us with their presence, but much love to them! We hope you enjoyed your stay in So Cal with Guppy’s and In-n-Out!

Liza, Reggie, and crew from Island Motor Sports has been around for more than one-and-a-half decades. Celebrating their 16-year in business this Saturday (June 11th), they hustle in this industry and economy. You guys really have to check them out, they know this industry from day one and have adapted well. Thank you for always out to support us, btw, I love the toaster-sized squash air freshener which smells like Ramune… Probably only Asians will know this drink, but I use to drink these by the gallons while making a mess over the floor as a kid. Oh the memories of being slapped in the back of my head.

Morel America came out last year and demonstrated an audiophile’s dream Benzo. The car sounded amazing. This year they had a last minute scheduling conflict and couldn’t come out, but it didn’t stop them from helping JDRF with a set of components and subs. Casey we missed you along with others in the Car Audio industry, next year you are canceling your event!

We want to give love to MV Designz, Mike and Merry of MV Designz are such great supporters, they work so hard that I think they rarely sleep. That morning Mike had about 15 minutes of sleep trying to finished up the 2011 tC with the 32” LCD entertainment system for the event, unfortunately he go sick after the event. I’m sure the combination of no sleep and cold weather didn’t do well for him, but they stuck it out till the end of the event. And, Merry, thank you for all your help trying to get us another gourmet truck on that Friday before the event, Kogi to be exact, and it was set but they weren’t available for the times we needed. Thank you guys for all your help, your support, your friendship, your dedication, and your donations – you guys are super cool!

Daniel, Sandy, and crew from OEM Audio Plus, man I remember Sandy back in the day when he was a rep and I installed for Car Fidelity, yeah that was a long time ago. Most people don’t even know what Car Fidelity is. Now Sandy is with OEM Audio Plus and is dedicated to manufacturing a high fidelity OEM replacement with mids, highs, and sub. They had 3 cars to demo with blindfolds. Why blindfolds? It lets you hear where the sound is coming from rather than focus where you think the sound is coming from – it’s a mental thing. These guys are always up beat, really easy to talk to and have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to car audio.

PAS MAG was a last-minute addition, they brought out a dope Genesis, NOS and the lovely Ms. Natalia Marie. Thank you Natalia for helping us out with the raffles and exciting the crowd.

Pioneer also came out and demo’ed their xB. It was located inside the building at Five Axis, Matt Valbuena has also been a long time veteran of car audio as well, and you can catch him on the radio broadcasting from the Peterson Museum, cool dude…. It’s been a while, thanks for coming out and the pounding subs!

New for this year was Racing Solution, Brian and Racing Solution has been in the Scion scene for quite a while so they know what’s up. Thank you so much for the JDRF donation, someone is stoked with their carbon hood and lip! It was good meeting you!

Mackin Industries, the importer of Rays / Volks, Project µ, Espelir, Koito, and Polarg to name a few, they displayed a bunch or their wares, including an F1 Wheel, and rocking real JDM quality items! Thank you Eddie for your support, you’re a cool cat, did you go back for thirds on Dogzilla?

Mother’s wanted to make the event but there was a conflict as well and couldn’t come out, but still supported us by giving with a bunch of goodies for the bags, and a couple cool detail wash buckets… I really miss the GT3 they brought out last year. Thank you for your support Mother’s.

Scosche again came out and supported the event with their Cube, and cube spinning sub enclosures. We were stoked to have them out again because they really make quality accessories and car audio products for your car like dash kits, wiring, etc.. Their whole staff is down to earth, and willing to help out with questions, not to mention they have a grip of accessories for you Apple fans.

Sinister Skate Shop and Loyal to Your Soil also supported JDRF, they donated some cool swag, thank you!

The Tjin Brothers :/ oh boy, you love them or you really really hate them. Most would say the latter, but underneath that *expletive* exterior, deep inside there is a heart. Not a huge one, but it’s in there. With their supermodel physique these idiots I unfortunately call family. That really shows you my taste in family members, but they are down, always down. We met back at SE’s one-year at Hooters in the old Primedia parking lot, when Neil just walked past me without knowledge, typical *expletive*. Gene, also an *expletive*, we meet earlier when he still had an afro, but still in skinny jeans. When CES came around and I needed a replacement car for my (at the time) Crossfire Car Audio booth they didn’t hesitate to drive out in hours notice. They trailered the baby blue Scion tC to Vegas, dropped it off, then drove back home. At the end of the show, they drove out, loaded the car, and drove home. From then on, I hated them, but I keep them around because of Neil’s wife Mei, Gene’s fiance Kim, and the kids, if it weren’t for them we wouldn’t be friends. Thanks for the Tjin Edition shirts and some old school Scion swag from SEMA! And for giggles, check out their tour, The Tjin Edition Roadshow.

The Tjin Brothers also brought out a friend Gary Watson of Creations n’ Chrome. If you don’t know the car it was the chrome pink convertible Mustang with white interior. The process of painting chrome is so difficult that Gary and his company made it look easy, they paid their donation with five 20’s and didn’t want change, THANK YOU so much – truly a generous donation, your creation is truly an art!

Another last-minute addition was JDM Sport which came out to support ENCORE, and donated a generous check and swag for the drawings. I didn’t get a chance to talk to them, but our boy Mike did.. Thanks for coming out JDM Sport!

This year Yokohama really made the crowd stick around, their generosity to JDRF forced people waiting for the S-Drive tires, and for us, we saved it for last. Thank you so much Yokohama!

Sorry for the short list – haha, ENCORE could not have happened if we didn’t have the support of these awesome partners. We are completely ecstatic for all of your involvement, the prep time, the travel time, your weekend and the expenses it took to attend our Charity meet. We really really appreciate it!

I would be really surprised if you are still reading this, but in case you did, THANK YOU! But I am not done yet. Here is the long list.

Thank you to some of the club supporters, Fuscion, Xclusive, HFD, EcoTec, Club Lexus, TORC, Micro Image, Rare JDM, Scion Kreations, Scion Image, GC Tuner made a huuugge showing, Phase 2, Inspire, Mitzu, SoCal Evo, Datsun Boys, and Intuscion.

Tony and his crew from It’s JDM yo!, started about a year ago and made a huge showing with his debut in 2010 at the Power Meet. One year later at the Super Meet a couple weeks ago, it was hugely unexpected.. ok maybe expected but it was pretty large.. We were happy to get involved with Tony this year with ENCORE, I think we were talking about collaborating about 6 months ago when Nilo was receiving treatment. We talked and talked,  he is a pretty chill mellow dude and he pulled his resources for us. Deploying an array of hot cars like Theresa’s S14 ** sorry 😦 **, Chuckie’s S2k, a matte black Evo, a sick IS, and a clean DC5. Tony also brought out the Gorgeous Trio, Amy Fay, Tracy Linh, and Chaba. I don’t know what happened to Amy towards the end but I didn’t even get a chance to introduce myself – lucky her, hahaha, but Tracy and Chaba stuck it out till the end, helping us out with the raffle prizes and pleasing the crowd. Thank you guys for all your contribution and support to JDRF.

JDRF, such a great charity for such a huge problem. Diabetes happens to so many people that some are really not aware of the complications it has. It’s so regularly discusses that I think some are immune to it. You really do not know until you really know someone, or have been through it. Diabetes doesn’t only happen to older people but kids can be born with it. There are so many tests mothers need to go through to ensure it doesn’t happen at birth. Just imagine being a kid, let’s say 3 or 4 or 5, and having to shoot up on a daily basis. Having to prick their fingers to take a blood sugar reading. Seems unlikely right? Not so, my son has a friend, he was 7 when I first meet him, he was already injecting himself and pricking himself – he would crash, he would be calm. It’s really nothing an adult expects to go through let alone a child. As I said earlier, our co-founder Nilo is diabetic and I have personally seen him at his worst and at his best.  And honestly, I give Nilo a hard time of what he eats because I hate seeing people I care for go through so much pain, luckily he is a happy-go-lucky guy but that doesn’t make up for this disease. My mom became diabetic after taking steroids for her thyroid stint, it can happen anytime. It’s really heart-breaking. That is why it was such an honor to have Ali from JDRF take the time out of her weekend to talk about it, and join us at ENCORE. I am glad you guys all listened, it’s serious business. It’s a disease that hasn’t been cured, only band-aided. Hopefully your donations and awareness will find a cure for this deadly disease. Thank you JDRF for being such a great organization for such a huge problem.

To the SE crew.. Man, I don’t even know where to begin, or how to finish. Our planning committee, aside from Tony and Troy’s crew, our own Nilo, Dave, Carl, Paul, Jayson, and Mike were all part of this clan. Those guys really should get an applause.  Each handling their own tasks, and finishing them. Dave did an awesome job with the roll-in process, making sure everything moved smoothly and organized, a pretty big task if you ask me. Dave also donated a few Hyundai Genesis swag via Cerritos Ford and Hyundai. Paul and Jayson, handled so much of the daily errands and phone calls, along side Eliza and Theresa, organized all the donations, took in the donations, and just rocked it. Mike took care of so much back end nonsense, things that no one on our crew knows how to do, but he handled the registration well, from designing the web apps, to checking them in at the entry. Hands down, awesome job. Carl, just Carl, sarcastic POS, can’t really tell if he is serious or not, but Carl gave his 2 cents, and helped manned the main booth, took the liberty of posting updates on FB during the event, and just making sure people were getting taken care of. Especially when the DJ was down, we used his phone for the music. Thanks Tony a.k.a DJ YNOT for continuing to spin for us, I got you a goodie bag. Guest DJ Curse for coming out, but unfortunately glitches prevented his set, pretty bummed about that. Nilo, oh Nilo… Always an hour past deadline, I really don’t what to say except he loves facebook, posting at least 14 times a day, spreading the word about ENCORE, posting Seksi Chix Friday… His wisdom, knowledge, and his inspirational Bruce Lee quotes go a long way *bow down – instantly to the CRANE* Hiiyaaa! He knew what was expected of him and he handled it, thank you and Manny for getting a grip on the audio. The meetings, the meetings, the e-mails, and dang e-mails. All made ENCORE successful.

Our SE volunteers, oh man, so many of them, I hope I don’t get shanked by missing someone… Johnny, Fail Nick, Armando, Ryan, Jenn, Shawna, Keith Veronica, Virgil, Clarissa, Manny, Tito, & Sergio, thank you for assisting Dave with the roll-in process and with the goodie bags… It was good communication on the radio and BS was at a minimum. You guys all did a wonderful job. Thank you for the continued communication to the end with Shawna and Dave, informing each other of what cars where coming and leaving, you guys were really on your toes. Superior Job! Yoshi, thanks for coming out, setting up hits, and doing the best you can. I know you were injured, thanks for the support! Also Christopher and Adam for helping the vendors load-in and set up. ENCORE couldn’t have been done without the crew.

Troy and Five Axis Crew, so much thanks goes to you guys, having to hustle and clean the shop from your daily grind, opening the doors for people to roam into, and providing the overall space for everyone to gather. Chris and Matt was there quite early, when I got there about 10:30 so much was already handled. This crew was responsible for putting the bags together along with the decals among other behind the scenes tasks. 400+ e-mails later, a few revisions everything worked out. Troy, thank you for your time, your consideration, and your thoughts. A true craftsman and a legend in the automotive design and art world. Equal thanks to Trini for putting up with us, and encroaching into her time. We appreciate both of you. Thank goodness we don’t do this as a monthly meet.

To everyone else at attended, donated, participated, blogged, posted, and promoted ENCORE. Thank you very very very very much. It could not have been done without each and everyone one of you.

On behalf of Scion Evolution, Thank you and props to you if you read all of this….. hahha…

signing out



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