Meet & Greet at Golf N Stuff



Motion: P.Dabao
Snaps: J.Pagtalunan, M.Ishida, D.Huang
Blurbs: J.Pagtalunan

Last Friday, Sept. 21, 2012, kicked off our 2nd meet & greet since the new changes, but it was the first one where we stepped away from hosting it at the usually homebase location. And I have to say, having it at a new and different place was very refreshing! And everyone clearly had a lot of fun!

The food trucks were great and there were a lot of them! A lot of credit has to be given to Glenn from Norwalk DinDinAGoGo who just recently started up this event at Golf N Stuff on Friday nights. It was perfect for them and for our club.

They even had a DJ playing some fresh music as we grubbed on our food. (I think that’s Glenn sitting next to the DJ on the right side, unfortunately we weren’t able to meet him in person since our actual meeting went on a little long because of all the prizes we had, haha! But we will keep in touch and hopefully meet in the future.)

The location itself was nice too, easy to spot off the freeway, a good local spot for the members, and there were even rides, go karts, and other fun activities. Luckily, while the public was parked near the entrance of the parking lot, there was a large open area towards the back for all of us to park together and even have our meeting nearby there.

During the meet we introduced a couple new members, Allan from HIC USA and Young from Five Axis, who both will also be acting as another company that will be working closely with our group as we help each other out. Similar to Sandy and OEM Audio+ from the meet & greet prior to this one. We also briefly touched on a couple events we will be participating in next month, which include 86fest, Scion Night 2012 at Knott’s Scary Farm, and the for-charity CHOC Walk at Disneyland. Please check out our page on and make a donation towards any of our participating members! It’s for a good cause.

The fun didn’t stop after the meeting portion, we were about to compete in a round of minigolf, until we realized they had go karts on site too! So after some (more than complicated than it needed to be, haha) planning, we were in line getting ready to run about 14 karts all together. Needless to say, these karts aren’t necessarily the best in the world…far from it, but it was still a great time just going around the track with our club.

Just watch Johnny blow by people in his supercharged double go kart! haha!

So good that some even wanted to go again!

But in the end, the bravest of us all was Abbey, who rode the Disk’O all by herself! More than once, while her dear old (scared) dad, Nick, watched from the side, haha!

Paul and I have been thinking up of all sorts of ideas to keep the club engaged and fun; this Food Truck Meet & Greet being one of them. It was a great feeling hearing all of the positive responses from all the members. I remember Johnny saying, “Man, I love the new SE! We get so much free [explicative] now!” after we had our trivia questions with giveaway prizes. (By the way, major thanks to our newest member, Young, who provided some awesome Five Axis swag!).

My favorite part had to of been just seeing all the members enjoying and feeling more involved in the group. We literally stayed at Golf N Stuff, hanging out and talking, until they shut off the lights! Many members were telling us how there hasn’t been this big of a turn out in a long time and some were even giving suggestions of other things we can do in the future. The willingness to get involved in the club was clearly coming back. I mean, even Nick told me a story specifically for these blurbs! Ok so here it goes…

So Nick and a couple other members went to go buy some drinks and tickets when they witnessed a head shaking moment. Ok, let’s keep in mind that Golf N Stuff is pretty low key high schooler/teenager hang out spot.

Anyways, as they were about to enter a building a young teenage couple were trying to enter just before them. They pushed on the door that clearly read “pull” it was a honest mistake, I mean, I’m sure many of us have done that before right?

Well, let’s just say for these kids it was a little different situation. They kept pushing and couldn’t figure out why it wouldn’t open. Luckily they noticed the door said “pull” Great! Problem solved! Or not…They read the sign and knew they had to pull the door, but oddly enough, they kept pushing it!

So as this was happening, Nick the nice man he is, tried to help them out. He told them they had to pull the door to open it…their response as they kept pushing the door…”I am pulling it!”

Oh my…haha! We’ve all had our moments.

Yea, it was that kind of a meet; to put it simply, everyone had lots of fun! Just check out the photos below to see all that went down, especially the go kart racing!

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