Feature Of The Month – Manny’s tC

Feature of the Month


Snaps: J.Alba, J.Rodriguez, M.Montenegro
Blurbs: M.Vasquez, J.Pagtalunan

For the first feature here at Scion Evolution we wanted to make sure we kicked it off with a ride that would really catch people’s interest – a true showstopper. We decided to go with one of Scion Evolution SoCal’s top show cars, Manny’s 2007 Scion tC.

Unfortunately this epic tC was out of commission for almost the entire summer. But with Manny’s dedication to his car, nothing was going to keep him from getting it back and running in top condition again. With the tC back and better than before, he took it out with a couple SE buddies during that Downtown LA Photoshoot we posted a while back. All of this made the timing perfect for this feature to come together.

The Scion tC by no means screams sports car, but it is inexpensive and has to potential to become very sporty. That is exactly why Manny chose to go with this car in the first place.

Just by looking at his tC, anyone can clearly see that he is a pure Scion enthusiast and knows how to build a clean ride the right way. He knows his parts, he knows his brands, and really takes attention to detail when making the best decisions for his tC. His theme is a time attack car with all high end aftermarket parts. Yup, that’s right…beyond being a showstopper with his aggressively stanced SSR SP3s, fully dropped on TEIN SSP Coilovers, and clean Kaminari body kit…his tC is boosted!

With his favorite modification none the less, a GReddy TD05H-18G Tuner Turbo Kit.

Manny joined Scion Evolution about 4 years ago because he had some friends in already. In addition to being a funny dude, he is very very very helpful when it comes to doing anything with your cars. Need something installed? He’s your guy. Need your car parted our? He’s your guy. Even from the first time I met him, his helpful personality really showed. I wasn’t even a member of Scion Evolution yet, but he came up to my car (which only my girlfriend was sitting in at the time, haha) and told me about a company called CUSCO and that they were looking for a 2nd Gen tC like mine to do some product testing. That was one of the first things that really helped get me into the whole Scion scene and I owe him a lot for it. Once I finally joined SE, I got to know Manny more and have to say that he is one of the few people I would truly trust with having anything done on my own car. Thanks to members like him, I can really see why Scion Evolution SoCal being very chill and friendly is one of his favorite aspects with the club. All in all, we are all glad and extremely fortunate that he has a part of our family.

And one last thing to leave you all off with, Manny also owns a Scion xD! And you’ll be sure to know that is another good project safe in his hands. Maybe we’ll revisit that ride another time!


  • GReddy TD05H-18G Tuner Turbo Kit
  • 550cc RC Injectors


  • TEIN SSP Coilovers
  • Camber Bolts
  • Endless Brake Kit


  • Pioneer AVIC-D3
  • Rockford Fosgate P3
  • Crunch Amplifier


  • White LED Swap
    • Dome Light
    • Dashboard
    • Center Console
    • Door Buttons
    • Rear Dome Light
    • Gauges


  • Bride Low Max Racing Seats
  • Takata Racing Harness
  • Sparco Steering Wheel
  • 4-Point Custom Roll Bar
  • Carbon Fiber Door Inserts
  • Carbon Fiber Armrest


  • Carbon Fiber OEM Hood
  • Kaminari Body Kit
  • SSR SP3 – Super Black Coat
  • Project Kick R40 Neo Chrome

Check out more show stopping photos below!

This “Just-In”

Scion Evolution members out there, if you want your ride featured please fill out this form and E-mail it to info@ScionEvolution.org.


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