86Fest – Auto Club Speedway



Snaps: J.Pagtalunan, M.Ishida
Blurbs: J.Pagtalunan

Whether in the parking lot chillin’ or on the track tossing it around, its just looked cool. That line can be said about either the Scion FR-S or 86Fest from this past weekend. MotorMavens’ Antonio Alvendia and his crew put together a nice blend of car show and track day festivities at the Auto Club Speedway in Fontana, CA. It was a perfect celebration for the whole 86 platform (AE86/FRS/BRZ).

The event area was awesome and jam packed with spectators as well as vendors. Many of our favorites were there, including DaYUUM!, OEM Audio+, FRS86, Cusco USA, GReddy, Cabe, Style Over Comfort, Crawford Performance, and many many more. I still remember the original flyer for the event and let’s just say it was as if the flyer had to keep being updated day by day just to keep up with more and more vendors signing up for 86Fest.

And right across from all these festivities was the track open to registered drivers. The spectators’ view was perfect; it was close enough to see how much the drivers were willing to push (or not push, hehe) their cars!

Of course there were a large number of FR-S/BRZ’s running on the day, but there were a large range of cars taking it to the track.

There were Miata’s, 350z’s, and even the LS swapped RX-7 that was recently featured by DaYUUM!

The Speedway is so large that another track was open with higher level drivers. So occasionally people got a glimpse of some exotic cars, including Lambo’s and a one of a kind Porsche. Many of you probably know by now about the wrecked McLaren that hit a Subaru BRZ. I saw both cars after the aftermath and while the BRZ looked more like a cosmetic wound, the McLaren was in a few words….”Done son!”

Actually while the BRZ wasn’t as bad off as the McLaren, the damages still put the owners, Crawford Racing, in a difficult situation. Prior to 86Fest, I’ve been talking to a buddy of mine, Crawford Racing’s newest driver Marcos Padilla and he was really pumped about the turbo BRZ they have been working on. It is just really unfortunate that they have to go through all the repairs before they can continuing tuning. And to make matters worse they have to somehow get 4-5 weeks of repairs done in about 3 weeks because they are scheduled to have the BRZ ready for SEMA.

Anyways, back to some lighter news, remember what I said about the FR-S looking good on or off the track? Well no one probably knows that best that the guy who owns both of these two rides…

Yup, Scion Racing’s own Ken Gushi was there with both his drift car and his daily driver.

Luckily for us, Gushi took his drift car out and…well did work!

Gushi wasn’t alone in the FR-S either, a lucky winner got the chance to ride hot laps!

We might still be growing our FR-S section here at Scion Evolution, but we still rolled in to support the Scion brand as always.

It was nice coming in together and getting the flags raised. They have been in hiding for a while and I actually got them ready a few days before just so we could use them for 86Fest. But be sure they won’t go back into hiding, we will be using them as much as we can for all the events we will be rolling in together to.

With all the different things going on, it took us a while to get the whole crew together, but we were able to get some good shots posing in front of the 86Fest back drop. You may see some of second photo floating around other media coverages cause there were a few other cameras snapping away. Through I think it’s mainly because we had a couple beautiful models for that one, don’t you? haha!

After cleanup, we got to just hangout in the lot for a bit as we figured out what to do for dinner. The sun was going down, but it seemed like a nice setting to get a couple shot of some of our rides.

OH! and before I forget, the food trucks were on point!

Major shoutout to Truck Norris for the awesome Hawaiian/Filipino food. Their shepherd’s pie has to have been one of the best meals I’ve ever eaten, and I’m not even a fan of shepherd’s pie! And the Haleiwa Shave Ice truck was perfect for a sunny/breezy day.

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