Scion Evolution x DaYUUM CHOC Walk 2012



Snaps: J.Pagtalunan, K.Kuramoto, A.Kuramoto
Blurbs: J.Pagtalunan

I got up early this morning specifically to get started and cram this write up in before Scion Night tomorrow, and I’ll be honest with you…I’m pretty tried right now. But its a good kind of tired because I’m really motivated to do this, plus it makes me remember the kind of tired I felt on Sunday after the walk. It was the type of tired you feel after a job well done, after knowing you accomplished something good…

Which is exactly what the Scion Evolution and DaYUUM families did last Sunday, October 17, 2012 as we all participated in the 5K CHOC Walk around the Disneyland theme parks!

Waking up so much earlier than usual that the sun isn’t even up yet and then working your way through the mass of people attending the event isn’t really the best way to set a mood, but when you factor in all the charity work behind it and then throw in that we are doing this all together…it just gives you a pure serge of energy inside.

I am really happy on how our Scion Evolution x CHOC Walk shirts turned out and everyone else seemed to enjoy it too; asking, “So can this be our new official Scion Evolution shirts?” Haha! It does look cool, but don’t worry…we will get those cranked out soon enough.

Kiysohi, Michelle, and I spent maybe an hour trying to figure out the placement of the logo. We debating back and forth about the pros and cons of where to put it. Eventually we had a rough idea and while we felt shaky on the decision, we realized it might be the only way. Then low and behold, when the shirts were dropped off at our guy doing the heat press, it took him no more than 2 minutes to say…”put it right there…and tilt it” BAM! Just like that the design was done; makes me think we should have just left it to the shirt guy from the start, haha oh well.

If you arrived early (like I suggest to everyone else), getting into the parking structure wouldn’t have been so bad.

Eventually we got everyone together, handed out the shirts and wristbands, and then waited for Denny, who was straggling and going on with his morning rambles, haha! We made our way through the gates at California Adventure to listen to opening ceremony before we started our walk.

This is us…

…And this was just a portion of our view. Yup, there were A LOT of people. And with each person having to raise a minimum of $50, you know this was a successful event. Just for our team, we were able to get a total of 15 walkers and together we raised $1,525!

Here is the stage where the opening ceremony was held once we finally got to it. The Disney characters were all dress in their Buena Vista Street attire, which matched the theme of that area of the theme park.

Of course one of our group pictures hand to be in front of DJ…the only xB in Cars!

Sergio making sure everyone knows who he is representing…Stroller Evolution! LOL

Another photo op! Denny is too DaYUUM tall for us!

This is what happens when you text and walk…you find yourself in another group.

Its Disneyland so of course the kids are going to have a fun time, and its a great experience for them to have.

Look DSport! haha

After exiting California Adventure and taking a quick walk through Downtown Disney, we were finally making our way into Disneyland itself!

Making our way to Sleepy Beauty’s Castle.

Spun so fast all the riders fell out? Actually it was cool seeing all the rides running as we did the 5K.

The only models I could see at this event, haha.

If you have a rough idea of how the layout of Disneyland is, they made us walk by Splash Mountain, which ends up a dead end. So we got to go behind the scenes and walk through the Cast Members only area.

This was an area that even passholders like myself almost never get to experience. We were greeted by Cast Members, high school bands and cheerleaders, construction workers, and even free water.

Some pretty fun motivational signs to keep us going towards the end of the walk.

I tried to take as many pictures as I could back there before a Cast Member had to tell us that there wasn’t suppose to be any photography in that area…oh well. And before all the Finding Nemo hype, Flounder was my fish!

Once we exited Disneyland for the final time and made our way into Downtown Disney for the last leg of the walk, we could see the masses of people ready and waiting to enter the park!

We are almost there!


But we weren’t done yet…now we had just one more thing to fulfill, our starving stomachs! After some planning and attempted reservations we decided to make our way to a breakfast buffet at Disney’s PCH Grill at the Paradise Hotel…the farthest Disney hotel from the park.

We figured it was going to be the least crowded so we could be seated right away. We were wrong, but hey…we got 45 minutes to just sit inside on some comfy chairs and just relax as our stomachs got ready for a feast.

In true Super Eaters fashion…YuUM! I can still taste it…This write up us making me hungry now! I could really go for one of those make-it-yourself, made-right-in-front-of-you omelets right now…

Stitch and other Disney characters were there walking around poking fun at everyone as they ate. Poor Eric (and other little kids for that matter) were terrified though, in a cute way. But I mean, who wouldn’t be frightened by a big giant monster looking thing bugging you while you eat your breakfast?

And that is that! The day was only half complete, but we were all dead tired. None the less, we were happy, we all had a blast together, and it was a good experience for a great cause. Hopefully this is something we can do again next year, but we will definitely try to raise the stakes and do it bigger than we did this time on our very first try at this.

Oh and last but not least…

MAJOR thanks and appreciation has to be given to Alan Kuramoto, who is the father of one of the SE members and not an SE member himself. Without him and all his efforts of raising the most donations on the team none of this would have been possible. We are forever grateful! And the least we could do is award him with a TRD Polo shirt!

A few others had some good pictures from this event so in addition to what you see below, keep on the look out on our Facebook page for even more photos to be uploaded.

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