Scion Night 2012



Motions: M.Montenegro, A.Gomez, M.Ishida
Snaps: J.Pagtalunan, M.Montenegro
Blurbs: J.Pagtalunan

Ghosts, goblins, and ghouls. Oh my!
Standing here, watching all the Scions go by.
Waiting for their chance to enter and see,
Scion cars and scary monsters for free!

This is the 9th straight year that Scion has come through to really show their appreciation to all the Scion Owners. At least 3,000 Scions filled with more than 10,000 Scion Owners and their guests all gathered at Knott’s Scary Farm for a free event and entry to the the 40th Halloween Haunt. All for just owning a Scion and providing a toy donation for Toys for Tots. A good cause and a good event from a good automotive brand.

In years past, Scion car clubs, like ourselves, have been ask to volunteer to setup the event in exchange for some fun activities and early entry.

This year they wanted us to be their guest and just come in early to hang out. Scion let us roll in together a couple hours before the crowds, so we got situated and hoisted up our flag.

So with all the extra time we went to check out the festivities Scion had this year.

With the Marines there for Toys for Tots, they literally brought out the big guns.

One of our favorite SE supporters, OEM Audio+ was there doing awesome demos in their FR-S and RS8.0.

Just behind them…

The Top 10 Scion FR-S Finalist, something new Scion has brought to the event this year.

Of course they featured some good friends/supporters of ours, Young, Meng, and Noel from the FRS86 crew.

Meng’s FR-S has been making a big impact in the whole FR-S market, getting sponsored left and right. The new thing for Scion Night? A carbon fiber lip kit.

Can’t get enough of Noel’s FR-S?…neither can we! He occasionally comes to hangout with us and we still have stunned looks on our faces. He won first place by the way, like it was ever in doubt! haha!

From best FR-S to best iQ, Taz was here rocking some freshly painted Aqua FIVE:AD R6:F Wheels.

For the second time, Scion brought back the Hard Copy Rebels to put on an entertaining and funny musical performance.

Scion was able to bring a celebrity out to the event, fresh off this season’s Formula Drift, Ken Gushi and his drift FR-S was there to take photos, sign autographs, and….put on a show!

Think that was cool?

Check it out when they took out the cones and let him run free. Keep in mind, he did all this with a STOCK Scion FR-S!!

All fun and games aside, we still had to eat! In true Super Eater fashion, some of us walked across the street to John’s Incredible Pizza to escape from the blazing sun and have all you can eat Pizza!

Yes, on the right is your typical Hawaiian pizza…on the left…Macaroni and Cheese pizza!

This right here is Keith’s Blue ICEE with a dash of White ICEE on top…I called it the “Smurf ICEE”

Okay, back to Scion Night! Back in time to finally get into Halloween Haunt.

I knew that with going in mazes and having monsters all around, plus it being dark and foggy, it was going to be hard to take photos. So this might have been the best time to try to get a group photo as we waited in the big crowd at the entrance. Oh and yea that’s Yoshi joining us! If you don’t remember Yoshi, he’s a pro skater we have featured in the past.

Once we got in, we hit a few mazes right away and then a few of us snuck away to check out the main show at the center stage. The DJ was okay, but this is who we really wanted to see…

iLuminate! Check out some of the photos I took of them below. It’s just wild seeing the light trails their suits made as they did their dance moves.

Here are videos of their only two performances and a freestyle at the end. It was crazy seeing it in person, too bad they didn’t do more.

After the performances, we eventually found everyone again to watch a magic show and then go on the mine ride.

We tried to get some group photos while we were together, but even then we couldn’t all stay still, haha!

I guess it was cause we knew we had to keep moving. If we were looking for some downtime, then the monsters would find us, like these scary clowns! They probably hung around us for a good 15 to 20 minutes just trying to scare us.

Even when I found time to get a funnel cake, some clowns blew air at me and well…powder everywhere. Haha!

But it was still delicious!!

All in all we had a lot of fun hanging out together. New members, old members. Scion puts this together every year, but it’s us, the SE family laughing and screaming together who really make it memorable!

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