SEMA 2012 – FR-Steria



Snaps: J.Pagtalunan
Blurbs: J.Pagtalunan

“There is no doubt that the Scion FR-S is going to be the dominant and prominent cars [sic] at SEMA this year, and I’ll go out on a limb and say the same will happen again at the 2013 SEMA Show.”

– Neil Tjin
President at Tjin Edition
(Sept. 25, 2012)

Neil could not have been more right in his prediction. The SEMA show is always a really, really, really big show. To put things into context, the SEMA show brings all parts of the auto industry, domestic and international; buyers and exhibitors; styling and performance to tools and accessories, anything you can think of it’s probably there; and then some! Now spread that out through the entire Las Vegas Convention Center, which consists of 3 halls, with one having a second floor, and then the entire outside parking lot. Yup, it’s big.

There’s no surprise on why the Scion FR-S was awarded the hottest sports compact vehicle this year. With a show that big you’d be sure to see all sorts of vehicles, well this year you still could have, but there was not a single area of the convention center that you couldn’t take a few steps and spot a Scion FR-S (or Subaru BRZ). It was almost maddening, maybe even giving some a sense of hysteria!

But all is good, let’s take a look at some of the different FR-S builds at the show. And a few other stand outs.

The Car Guy Nation “Scion Road to SEMA” Scion FR-S, cleaned up after its roadtrip (yes it was driven, not flown!) from New York to Las Vegas.

Of course the Scion booth is going to be filled with Scion FR-S’s, and here the Top 3 Finalists from this year’s Tuner Challenge.
(From top to bottom): Chris’ “Minty FReSh”, John’s “Carbon Stealth FR-S”, and Daniel’s “FR-S GT”

Rounding out the rest of the FR-S-filled lineup at the Scion Booth, making it a total of 8:
(From top to bottom): Scion Racing, Cartel Customs, Fatlace, Meguair’s, Evasive Motorsports

CUSCO FR-S, loaded with every CUSCO performance suspension product imaginable.

Ultramarine has always been one of my favorite colors on the FR-S, it’s dark, but with enough color that the body lines don’t get lost. Vortech Supercharger matched theirs up with a perfect fitting Rotiform BLQ in bronze with polished lips. You can find more specs on the supercharger at

There were quite a few Rocket Bunny FR-S kits at the show, but this combination of BBS wheels and the deep green paint job by Garage FR-S is one of my clear favorites at the show. It’s so clean and aggressive at the same time.

Pioneer had their demo FR-S on display with not 1, but 2 sets for Five Axis wheels. One profile has the subtle R5:F and the other with the edgier new S7:F.

A couple good things of checking out the show on Friday, the last day…

A Chip Foose signing

And seeing the cars roll out after the event, like out good buddy, Taz and his infamous low iQ.

As we step away from our FR-S goggles, we can also appreciate some of the other awesome builds

Tjin Edition 2005 Volvo V50 T5. You can always expect Tjin Edition to turn what most look at as an average car into a clean eye-catching ride.

Lexus LFA, 1 of only 500 made…and this one is even more special, being one of the few Nurburgring edition models produced. If you notice, inside and out, this LFA has carbon fiber features throughout.

KIA had some fun with the hip hop hamsters last year, this time they were more stunning with 5 Justice League themed vehicles. They put a lot of detail into each one to fit a certain character, and the Bat Sign in the headlights of the KIA Batmobile was clearly the coolest detail.

2012 Stark Industries Super Car w/ tactical package (a.k.a. The Avengers Acura NSX Roadster)…WOW. Put all the FR-S’s together and this one would still turn more heads.

Not something you see every day, especially in Las Vegas, Tornado Vehicle by Line-X

Well, there a bunch more photos below, but for now that’s a warp…PEACE!

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