2012 Scion FR-S Cup – Because FR-S



Snaps: M.Nguyen
Blurbs: J.Pagtalunan

First there was the Scion FR-S Tour of LA, then there was 86fest, followed by the Scion FR-S to SEMA, and now…the Scion FR-S Cup!
Why? Because FR-S


The Scion FR-S has truly been the hottest car in scene right now. And anyone can tell just by the amount of involvement various groups have had putting on FR-S themed events such as this. The high participation and involvement of the community attending these events is also evident of the interest in this car.

This time, rather than pushing the limits on these RWD machines…Scion, with cooperation from HPI Racing, organized the Scion FR-S Cup for RC racers to race their mini machines with FR-S bodies (shells).

The first ever Scion FR-S Cup was held at Toyota HQ in Torrance, CA on November 17, 2012.


With over a hundred registered participants and vendors galore such as DaYUUM, OEM Audio+, Five:AD, MV Designz, Beat Sonic, Scion Optomize, and HPI Racing; this event was expecting to be big…if the weather would just hold up.

It came up to just a few days before when those organizing the Scion FR-S Cup made the decision…Rain or shine, it will be race time! The weather wasn’t super cold in particular, or even a heavy down pour, but there was just enough to make the ground wet..not ideal conditions for an outdoor RC race. But never fear, Charlie B from Cal Raceway and the rest of the Scion FR-S Cup Pit Crew was all hands on deck! Equipped with blowers and brooms, they did their best to quickly dry the track.

Luckily the weather started to easy up and the track was getting dry enough for some people to get in on some test runs.

Soon enough everything was ready, the track was dry, and everyone was itching to get started. First up was awarding the Concours Trophy for best looking FR-S body.

After judges, Troy Sumitomo of Five:AD, Mike Vu of MV Designz, and Janet Fujimoto of Toyota Motor Sales picked the winner, there was a quick driver’s meeting and then it was finally time to race!

The race participants were divided into 3 classes: Novice, Sportsman, and Expert. Each group competing for a podium finish with trophies and awards, as well as a slot in the final Scion Cup race. Among the racers, we were graced by a couple celebrities; Scion Racing’s own Michele Abbate and Stephan Papadakis. Additionally there was a race that had participants from different media outlets invited to cover the event.

Here are some photos of various races (more at the end):

All this racing is making me hungry…
Then for lunch, Scion provided each participant with a Seoul Sausage Lunch Experience! The Season 3 Winners of Food Networks’ Great Food Truck Race has really put them on the map as the line was instantly long as soon as they opened up. And for desert, the BSweet Truck was there with an assortment of delicious treats!

After a quick break for lunch and some awesome raffle giveaways, the final races were completed and just as the weather started to bring on some rain, it was down to the last race…the Scion Cup.
This time the rain was actually perfect timing. The Scion Cup put together the top 3 of each class, but there was a catch. Each racer was provided with a stock E10 to race, but each with various configurations! Maybe one had full battery, maybe another none at all. It was all random and made this race a race of luck and trying to survive (as in not wiping out). So the wet track just added to the challenge.
Not only was the race done in reverse, but various obstacles were randomly placed on the track, during the race! Other racers, Pit Crew, spectators, just about everyone joined in on the fun of grabbing anything they could to make the race that much more difficult. There were boxes, trash bags, orange hazard cones, chairs, and even ramps. The course was ever changing…and I mean that in a literal way. Soon people were removing and rerouting the track’s walls, completely changing the layout.

The final Scion Cup race was probably the wildest, but funnest race of the day.

Here are the results from the day:
Mario Caba

Novice Class
1st: Coi Tajo
2nd: Anthony Philleo
3rd: Justin Pagtalunan

Sportsman Class
1st: Mario Caba
2nd: Solomon Figues, JR.
3rd: Anthony Dunn

Expert Class
1st: Mike Rydwell
2nd: Joven Madriaga
3rd: Mark Blanco

Media Cup Champion

Scion Cup Champion
Mario Caba

Photos of each winner can be found below.

It was a long day, a challenging day, but a very fun and successful day! Major thanks has to be given to the Pit Crew!
Without them, the event would not have run as smoothly as it did. With all they did, I’m sure some were super tired by the end of it, haha, but a job well done none the less.

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