DaYUUM x Guppy Mash Up 2



Snaps: J.Pagtalunan
Blurbs: J.Pagtalunan

Whew! What a night! First off, just want to give a big congratulations to both Guppy‘s on another epic grand opening and to DaYUUM for a successful first year of seksiness.


Scion Evolution was there to support, as well as number of friends and partners in the industry. Most of us were working out butts off helping directing the traffic. There was little time to actually have someone go around and take proper photos, but it wasn’t a big deal because none of us really missed out…after all we were the ones that directed all the nice cars that were to be parked in the main areas of the event!


There was everything…from imports to domestics, exotics to bikes, and everything in between.


Of course the Scion scene was keeping it fresh. In addition to our section, FRS86 was there, as well as these “low as sh!t” (that’s an exact quote to me from Noel Barnum, haha!) xBs.

But the night wasn’t only about the rides…


There was a DJ from Awethentic Vibes, go-go dancers on stage, and raffles prizes…lots and lots of awesome raffles prizes!


And what’s a party without some cake!

We are just going to keep this one short; it was one of those events where you just take everything in and enjoy. Talk with some old friends and maybe make some new ones. It was truly a celebration for the ages!

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