Long Beach Grand Prix 2013



Snaps: J.Pagtalunan
Blurbs: J.Pagtalunan

Race season is not upon us! Earlier this month was FormulaDRIFT at the Streets of Long Beach, last week was the Toyota Grand Prix at Long Beach and the Scion Evolution fam bam check out the first day’s happenings.


With the weather finally scorching again in Southern California, it was refreshing to be able to go inside the Long Beach Convention Center and check out the expo that was being held during the Grand Prix. So arrive mid day, that was our first stop.

The first day and it was PACKED!


One of the first eye catching things was the Tamiya display. R/C cars has becoming more and more popular with us and the whole Scion scene in general since the ability to purchase R/C version of the Scion xB, tC, and FR-S. (By the way Tech Day is just around the corner at Cal Raceway!) While Tamiya displayed a range of vehicles, their indoor track was demonstrating their R/C big rigs. On such a small scale, they are very realistic; with authentic air pressure sounds, trailers that the trucks could attach and detach to, and much more.

SE_LBGP_0008 SE_LBGP_0009

Walking around the expo we spotted a tC2 modified by our good friends at MV Designz. Glad to see this again still at shows and playing Xbox games!

SE_LBGP_0011 SE_LBGP_0012

Eventually we found our way to the FormulaDRIFT booth where the pit section for the Motegi Super Drift Challenge competitors was.


There were some familiar faces (or cars actually), such as Frederic Aasbo and Diago Saito who had arguably the most epic tandem battles in FormulaDRIFT history the previous week.

SE_LBGP_0016 SE_LBGP_0017 SE_LBGP_0018 SE_LBGP_0020

We will be seeing more of these guys in action later tonight.


Before we leave the convention center it’s always a nice feeling to stop by and check out the super limited Lexus LFA.

SE_LBGP_0030 SE_LBGP_0029 SE_LBGP_0032

Once outside, we really saw some interesting…”rides”

SE_LBGP_0033 SE_LBGP_0034

We made our way to the bleachers to check out the Pirelli World Challenge qualifying runs…

SE_LBGP_0038 SE_LBGP_0042 SE_LBGP_0045 SE_LBGP_0046

And stuck around to see the next qualifying runs roll out into the track.

SE_LBGP_0049 SE_LBGP_0052 SE_LBGP_0054

We got to see the Toyota Celebrity FR-S’s pass through,

SE_LBGP_0065 SE_LBGP_0066

As we were checking out the Toyota Pace Cars, including this sweet FR-S

SE_LBGP_0071 SE_LBGP_0072 SE_LBGP_0073

Before the expo closed up for the day, we went back in to check out the Pirelli World Challenge cars going back to their pits.

SE_LBGP_0079 SE_LBGP_0080 SE_LBGP_0088

Of course, we had to look for Scion Racing’s Robert Stout and his Lucas Oil FR-S, which is now sporting a couple FRS86 logos on his bumper!

SE_LBGP_0083 SE_LBGP_0085

The day was getting dark and the rest of the members were getting together so we could all watch the qualifying runs for the Motegi Super Drift Challenge, we spotted the Toyota Celebrity FR-S’s parked nearby.


After a lot of walking and trying to figure out where to go, we found good seats at the last turn of the runs


My trusty zoom lens was able to get some close shots as each driver made the turn.


A couple of the big names, such as Daigo Saito, were not able to compete tonight, thus forcing some, such as Frederic Aasbo, to hold back a bit. But all in all there were still some epic runs by the likes of Walker Wilkerson, Matt Powers, and a near perfect run by Michael Essa.


In the end, once everyone had their fill of fun and excitement at the Grand Prix, the crowds cleared out as we just hung out and had a few announcements before heading out to eat!

SE_LBGP_0109 SE_LBGP_0110

There was a lot more that went on (and more pictures), but not enough space to write it all. So check out the gallery below for more pictures.

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