ToyotaFEST 2013 Pt. I – ScionFEST



Snaps: J.Pagtalunan
Blurbs: J.Pagtalunan

Toyota Owner’s and Restorer’s Club originated with the idea of preserving the Toyota heritage. Enthusiasts would preserve and restore classic Toyota vehicles, such as models dating before 1985. This is particular difficult for Scion owners, who’s brand was barely founded back in 2002. When Toyotafest started, the Scion brand wasn’t even founded yet.


But never fear, all this means is that Scion owners just have to take a different approach to building their vehicles. True to Scion’s slogan, “customize or die,” Scion owners have been known for expressing their creativity. From subtle and sleek to wild and crazy, there was no shortage in the amount of Scion builds at Toyotafest. For part one, we will take a look at some of the best at Toyotafest, or maybe I should say Scionfest.

While the Scion xA might be on the endangered automobiles list, Scion has since introduced the Scion xD and Scion iQ as its predecessors. FUSCION has a couple of the best in the industry for both of these models. Mishel’s IST (xD) and Taz’s iQ are regulars at the podium of any car show.

ToyotaFEST2013_0007 ToyotaFEST2013_0009

What did I tell you…creativity in full effect. I want a windshield cover like that for my Scion.


Arguably the most common Scion model that gets modified to its extremes is the xB/bB aka “the Box” Many people try to make fun of the funky body style, but these corky features are what Scion owners embrace to convoy their uniqueness.

ToyotaFEST2013_0029 ToyotaFEST2013_0030 ToyotaFEST2013_0031

Here is Ali’s RS4.0 Scion tC. He is going for the VIP look, which is a look most common on Lexus, Mercedes, and other luxury vehicles. Once he’s finished, he might be one of the first to pull of the look on a Scion tC.

ToyotaFEST2013_0053 ToyotaFEST2013_0054

And now we get to the Scion FR-S, the newest addition to Scion’s model line. The FR-S is a perfect canvas that blends customizations in both show and performance.

This FR-S by Club4AG’s Moto is one of the most popular ones other there, outfitted with sponsored products left and right.


CUSCO USA’s FR-S is sporting a Five Axis kit on the outside and high quality CUSCO USA suspension products everywhere inside.


Sandy’s OEM Audio+ FR-S is styled the same as their sound system: subtle, but extremely detailed. It sits on Volk Racing C345’s and a Kevlar lip kit installed by Downforce USA.


The AEM booth had not one but two FRS86 FR-S’s. When Young and Meng aren’t helping out fellow FR-S owners are their FR-S Garage, they are usually out talking more FR-S stuff with the likes of Ken Gushi and others in the industry. Must be nice.


We can’t do an all Scion coverage without talking about the unofficial best in show. Noel’s famous FR-S is basically a celebrity in its own right. AirREX, Rocket Bunny kit, Work VS-KF, OEM Audio+ Ref 400CF SL Series, JDM products, and so much more. And to think, Noel is already on his 3rd look for this car.

ToyotaFEST2013_0059 ToyotaFEST2013_0058 ToyotaFEST2013_0060 ToyotaFEST2013_0061

Last but not least, we brought out a couple 2nd Generation Scion tC’s for Scion Evolution. And I was fortunate enough to win Best Scion tC 3rd Place for my Super White tC.

ToyotaFEST2013_0003 ToyotaFEST2013_0108 ToyotaFEST2013_0002 ToyotaFEST2013_0105 ToyotaFEST2013_0106

As you can tell, a lot of there Scion owners are way out there, but in a good way. Part two should be out soon enough where we will look at classic, restored Toyotas and VIP Lexus automobiles.

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