Getting‘Er Done at Irwindale



Snaps: V.Viall
Blurbs: V.Viall


Well we had a fun filled night out at Irwindale Speedway. Scion Evolution sent out an open invitation to Fuscion Car Club to join us for a day of Racing! Even Johnny Rodriguez long time SE Member made it out after being helicoptered off a mountain earlier in the week. He didn’t put duct tape on his cast which he cracked a couple of days earlier to make it to the event, that is dedication and shows you how much he enjoys Irwindale.


There is more than just watching Whelen Series NASCAR Series. They have other races before the main event like bandeleros, truck races, legend cars and more. Also after the main race they had Skid Plate racing which I will get back to in a moment. So many crashes and upsets during the night made the night enjoyable and entertaining to say the least.


Before the races started and after we all signed our life away on the liability disclaimer, we were escorted by the pace car to do a couple of laps around the track. Right after our ceremonial lap we parked back behind the grandstands. Then we all took a short jaunt up the stair and settled down to watch the racing. All the races were fun and exciting with plenty of crashes to keep the masses entertained. In between races or during the races some of us made it down to get some food.


Irwindale Speedway always has good eats as well as good racing, like BBQ, Kettle Korn, baked potatoes, corn on the cob, Mexican food, glazed almonds and the glorious Funnel Cake. The funnel cake was diving with your choice of topping. Of course for those who are old enough they also offer a full array of spirits and libations to help you get ‘er done!


The Skid Plate races came on last after the NASCAR races and if you have never seen Skid Plate racing here is what it is all about. You take a Front Wheel Drive 4 cylinder (or 6 cylinder with two cylinders disabled) car then take off the rear wheels and weld pieces of medal sort of like small skis so you do not have much traction in the rear. So it is almost like they are drifting without wasting all the tire rubber, and instead of smoke clouds you have trails of sparks. This nights skid plate racers were about thirty strong or more and when the race started so did the chaos.


An old police car serves as the pace car and to push cars that stall, off to the side of the track. Racers lose traction and start spinning out with no rear tires. In the end one car we were told won but it was hard to tell if they did the most laps but I called “shenanigans” since that cars skid plate malfunctioned on one wheel giving it more traction than the rest.


At the end of the day I could not think of a better way to spend a day. Good eats, good races and good people!

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