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Snaps: J.Pagtalunan
Blurbs: J.Pagtalunan

With SEMA less than a week away, we were fortunate enough to get a preview of the Scion Tuner Challenge contestants’ completed builds as well as a few other #ScionSEMA cars.

Scion SEMA Media Preview

We will get to the contestants soon enough, but first we have to show you that when Scion throws a party, they really know how to party.

ScionTunerPreview_0001 ScionTunerPreview_0002 ScionTunerPreview_0003 ScionTunerPreview_0004 ScionTunerPreview_0007ScionTunerPreview_0009

Hosted at KESSPRO Studios, Scion had an open bar as well as catered food from The Grilled Cheese Truck, Seoul Sausage, and yes…Sprinkles Cupcakes! How we were able to cover the event and mingle, while trying to not to spend the entire time getting food and drinks, I do not know.

The main event was the 3 builds from Seattle, Pennsylvania, and our home town Los Angeles, but there were a couple of cards before the title bout we could admire first.

ScionTunerPreview_0012 ScionTunerPreview_0013Urban GT concept FR-S

ScionTunerPreview_0017 ScionTunerPreview_0020 ScionTunerPreview_0022 ScionTunerPreview_0023DJ Steve Aoki’s customized FR-S by MV Designz

ScionTunerPreview_0024 ScionTunerPreview_0027 ScionTunerPreview_0028 ScionTunerPreview_0032And my personal favorite of the night, the Bulletproof Automotive FR-S Concept One

As we venture inside, the studio has a very urban theme. A perfect setting to highlight the aggressiveness of the cars, while keeping the mood modern and fresh. One of the first familiar faces I spot inside is none other than Scion Racing‘s Ken Gushi and what is that he’s standing next to?

ScionTunerPreview_0033 ScionTunerPreview_0036 It appears to be a prototype of his Scion FR-S for next year’s FormulaD! Not only is it out fitted with the brand new Rocket Bunny 2 kit, but when you pop the hood…

ScionTunerPreview_0037A 2JZ engine! Wow. Next year is going to be fun for Mr. Gushi.

And now to the main event. Proposals upon proposals were submitted to Scion a couple of months ago and it was their task to pick out three builders they felt would represent Scion well. They provided the cars and the budget and it was up to the three to battle it out by building the best 2014 Scion tC they could. From this preview alone, you can see that Scion picked the right three people to move forward with this project.

First up, coming in on Airrex suspension, wearing a custom kit by MV Designz, with House of Kolor’s lite teal…

ScionTunerPreview_0042Young Tea and Simpli-tC! Why don’t we see what this baby can do pound-for-pound?

ScionTunerPreview_0043 ScionTunerPreview_0045 ScionTunerPreview_0047Under the hood Simpli-tC has a Dezod Motorsports turbo kit and HPS air intake.

ScionTunerPreview_0050 ScionTunerPreview_0053 ScionTunerPreview_0054 ScionTunerPreview_0056 Dual tip, dual exhaust by ARK Performance, TRD Big Brake Kit with Stoptech rear rotors, and custom-made Nutek wheels wrapped in Nitto tires.

ScionTunerPreview_0057It’s even had a baby Simpl-tC already!

ScionTunerPreview_0058I (along with Young) give this build a two thumbs up!

The next contestant raining in from Seattle, Washington.

ScionTunerPreview_0059Walter Franco’s VIP’d out tC…namsayin‘!?

ScionTunerPreview_0060What’s Paul telling us to look at??

ScionTunerPreview_0061Maybe its all the carbon fiber goodness. Or maybe its the NOS canisters!? ASP did a good job tuning and cleaning this engine bay up.

ScionTunerPreview_0063 ScionTunerPreview_0065 ScionTunerPreview_0068The body work was done by none other than DTM autobody with a kit designed by our good friends over at Five:AD. The interior just screams VIP with all the luxy (luxury and sexy) styling. Especially the wood grain and brushed aluminum done by Wise Concepts Hyrdo.

And last but not least, the orange mean machine from Pennsylvania…

ScionTunerPreview_0071Josh Crolls‘ Right Hand Drive 2014 Scion tC, the first and only one in the world!

ScionTunerPreview_0072 ScionTunerPreview_0074 ScionTunerPreview_0075This build dared to be different, focusing on doing something no other has done before. They custom modified the firewall as well as the center console in order to achieve the perfect RHD interior. And no, this isn’t an electric car without a tailpipe, they actually left the exhaust in the engine bay and have it exiting some hood vents! The orange paint job isn’t the only thing loud on this tC!

ScionTunerPreview_0076 ScionTunerPreview_0077Well that was the preview. We got our shots, we mingled, we got our food and drinks on all night. And even took home a little something, something! Thank you Scion for another fun night, can’t wait for SEMA!

….did I say we were done taking pictures? Whoops. I guess not.

ScionTunerPreview_0079 ScionTunerPreview_0080i snapped a few more shots of Simpl-tC when the event was basically over and most of the crowd has cleared out. I wasn’t able to make it early during the photo shoot session before the event, so this was a great opportunity.

And while still hanging around…

ScionTunerPreview_0081 ScionTunerPreview_0082I got to see (and shoot) the Bulletproof FR-S exiting the venue. This car is so mean!

Okay, I’m done…. “Just In” (@justdayuum)

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