86fest Three


Snaps: J.Pagtalunan
Blurbs: J.Pagtalunan

Fresh new venue, same awesome experience! 86fest 3 was held at Irwindale Speedway this year, but that didn’t keep “86” enthusiasts and fans away from this annual get together. Antonio and the whole MotorMavens crew put on a great representation of Toyota’s hertiage with the AE86 along with Toyota’s future in the Scion FR-S. Old school vibes with new school blood, keeping the scene fresh without forgetting your roots. That’s what it’s all about and that’s what 86fest continues to bring. 86fest3-01 Check out our photos below of all the happenings on the fine sunny day. 86fest3-0286fest3-0486fest3-03 Just wanted to give a personal shout out to the whole FRS86 crew and their newly opened Auto Tuned shop for helping me escape the sun with their awesome booth. Just check out their 4-car line up! 86fest3-05 86fest3-06 86fest3-07 86fest3-08 86fest3-10 86fest3-09Antonio’s 86’s looking pretty. 86fest3-11Mike Kim spamming the 86’s by the MotorMavens booth 86fest3-12Antonio going around in his other other ride…with the ladies of course On to the rest of the show, featuring: BeatSonic, OEM Audio Plus, MV Designz, Whiteline, Michele Abbate, JSP Fab, Volk Racing/Mackin Ind,  JDL Auto Design, Ken Gushi & Greddy, CUSCO USA, Falken Tire, Evasive Motorsports, SuperStreet, and more! 86fest3-13 86fest3-14 86fest3-15 86fest3-16 86fest3-17 86fest3-18 86fest3-19 86fest3-20 86fest3-21 86fest3-22 86fest3-23 86fest3-24 86fest3-25 86fest3-26 86fest3-27 86fest3-28 86fest3-29 86fest3-30 86fest3-31 86fest3-32 86fest3-33 86fest3-34 86fest3-35 86fest3-36 86fest3-37 86fest3-38 86fest3-39 86fest3-40 86fest3-41 86fest3-42 86fest3-43 86fest3-44 This “JustIn” (@justdayuum)

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